local, leading, loved. we rejoice independent creatives and studios that rule their game. we love to bring them together and match your ambitions, big or small. it's where the magic happens. we think different-together. 

studio the basics
webdesign & webdevelopment

can make a website so delicious that you want to eat your screen.

VR Gorilla
virtual reality and 360 film.

epic mastery of new technology that takes film to a new dimension. literally.

storyteller & copywriter

has an insatiable craving for letter fermicelli soup. 

fernand et firmin
illustrating & graphic design studio

print et digitál with talent et taste, dipped in an ocean of colors.
photography & film.

Is first and foremost a crazy bastard. and he is proud of it.

concepting & strategy.

they really, really know how to create new brand concepts. 

het amsterdams filmbedrijf
film, production, staging, editing

specialized in internet en mobile films.